How come I didn't get a tracking number on the order confirmation email?

Since we are using a Print-On-Demand service we do not have any books in stock. The books have to be printed and assembled first. It generally takes about 10 working days to print the books and, depending on the location, a couple of days for the shipping. A total time of about 2-3 weeks between the order and the delivery depending on the location. An email with the tracking number is sent to the customers once the books are shipped.

Why can't I view the PDF of the book I purchased on all computers in the engineering office?

Each PDF is protected with a type of license that locks the license to one particular computer. One license per user/computer.

Is the book for beginners stress engineers?

Yes. The book was specifically written with unexperienced aircraft structural engineers in mind. However, basic engineering knowledge must have been already aquired from college for the book to make sense.

Why can't I see my PDF of the book on my iPad?

The secured PDF is formatted to only work on PC’s/laptops running on the Windows operating system.

How long does it take to become an aircraft stress engineer?

Every stress engineer should have, as a minimum, the equivalent of a Bachelor’s degree in aerospace, mechanical or civil engineering, that’s about four years. In addition, some say that it takes another five years to know what you’re doing and then, an additional five more years to understand what you are doing. Therefore, more than ten years of supervised relevant experience before one can become a proficient professional aircraft stress engineer.

Is Becoming an Aircraft Stress Engineer the only book I'll ever need to be a good stress engineer?

As in any other field, engineers need tools to work with. Those tools are: computers (maybe paper, pencil and a pocket calculator), software and books/references. Like an aircraft mechanic, one need more than one tool; there is no universal wrench that does it all. In engineering, each different book contains a particular knowledge so they somehow complete each other. Now, taking the aircraft mechanic as an analogy, the engineer needs reference books (see the REFERENCES page on this website) as the basic tools and then, Becoming an Aircraft Stress Engineer would be the planning/instructions on how to perform the task using those tools.

Do you ship in France?

Yes. We sell and ship books all over the world; except in a few communist countries.

The book I received is damaged. What can I do?

Although the printer takes very good care in shipping the books in a protective container, it is still possible that a package might get damaged during shipping. In which case, the customer is advised to take pictures of the damaged book and send them to us by email. Once received, a request for a reprint will be sent to the printer and, upon acceptance, a new book will be shipped to the customer.

Is there an SI version of the book?

No. Becoming an Aircraft Stress Engineer was written based on the author’s own experience in North America. Hence, Imperial units are used. However, the book describes some analyses methodologies and approaches that are applicable regardless of the units used.

Is there a soft cover version of the book available?

No. The book is intended to stand upright by itself and last the whole engineer’s career and more… We thus aimed for a very good colored quality book having a hard cover and 60# paper inner pages. A paperback cover book having 615 pages would only be about $10 cheaper, and the book would most likely lose pages with time. Not worth it.