Stress analyst / Author

Stephan Couture

Stephan (Stef) has more than 30 years of experience in the aerospace industry. He has worked for many companies and in many engineering departments besides the stress department like: Liaison, Design and Project. He believes that in order to become a complete engineer, one has to preferably touch a little bit at all the facets of engineering. Holding a wrench or installing a few rivets also helps in getting in touch with the real thing.

Stef probably moved more often than most people with an average of about 2 years at each location. However, this is the price to pay in working for the most renown companies in the world that are located thousands of miles apart. To name a few, he worked at The Boeing Company, Bell Helicopter, Bombardier, Pratt & Whitney, Gulfstream and more.

“Writing is definitely a big part of being an aircraft stress engineer. Stress reports, test plans, loads reports, E-mails/letters to colleagues and vendors are all documents that an engineer typically produces. Over the years, I realized that a good practical aircraft stress analysis guide book based on real hands-on experience could be helpful to the new generation of engineers (and possibly to the older one as well…). Then it came to me that becoming a full time writer wouldn’t be something much different than what I had been doing and that I could also use that skill to share the expertise gained during all those years.

Enjoy the reading!”  – Stef